Date Type Description Respondent Outcome Determination
13/10/2021InvestmentsInsurance - Miselling of insurance productThe Insurance CompanyNot UpheldSEC.M.22.2021.pdf
18/11/2021InsuranceInsurance - Pepudiation of insurance claim - Arrear PremiumsThe Insurance CompanyNot UpheldINS.M.33.2021.pdf
26/08/2021InsuranceInsurance - Funeral Insurance facilitated by member SACCOThe Savings and Credit Cooperative SocietyNot UpheldINS.H.10.2021.pdf
14/10/2021Savings & CreditSavings and Credit - Loans advanced to member; security thereof.The SACCOPartially UpheldCC.H.15.2020.pdf
19/05/2021InsuranceInsurance: Lapse of Insrance contract; principle of utmost good faith underpins insurance contract.THE INSURANCE COMPANYNot UpheldINS.M.01.2021.pdf
20/01/2021RetirementRetirement Funds: Distribution of death benefits and the provisions of section 33 of the Retirement Funds Act, 2005.THE EMPLOYER FUNDNot UpheldRF.H.20.2020.pdf
01/03/2021Savings & CreditSavings & Credit: Consumer Credit Act; arrears on loan balance.FINANCIAL SERVICES PROVIDERNot UpheldCC.M.25.2020.pdf
23/04/2021Savings & CreditSavings & Credit: Consumer Credit Act; credit agreement and the unilateral alteration of contractual terms by the credit provider.FINANCIAL SERVICES PROVIDERPartially UpheldCC.H.15.2020.pdf
08/01/2021Savings & CreditSavings & Credit: Purpose of Consumer Credit Act; the importance of credit agreement and the rights of the parties as appears [from the contract].THE CREDIT PROVIDERNot UpheldCC.H.04.2020.pdf
18/12/2020Savings & CreditSavings & Credit: Consequences of underpayment in repaying monies advanced; extended period of loan and arrearsFINANCIAL SERVICE PROVIDERNot UpheldCC.M.16.2019.pdf
30/11/2020RetirementRetirement Fund: Withdrawal benefit where Member resigned; Employer Optional Exit Scheme.EMPLOYER STAFF PENSION FUNDNot UpheldRF.M.18.2019.pdf
06/11/2020InsuranceInsurance: Claim against life policy where the cause of death was natural causes; Acidental Death BenefitLIFE INSURANCE (ESWATINI) LIMITEDNot UpheldINS.M.12.2019.pdf
06/11/2020Savings & CreditSavings & Credit: Membership of Complainant with Respondent; Retirement and extension of Membership; Outstanding balances on monies advancedThe Savings And Credit Cooperative Society LimitedNot UpheldCC.M.22.2019.pdf
01/12/2017Savings & CreditSavings & Credit - Incorrect interest or fees being chargedCredit ProviderUpheldCCM242016-011217.pdf
05/08/2016InsuranceInsurance- Short term- Motor Personal- Claim declined (policy terms not recognized or met) - Claim repudiationInsurance CompanyUpheldIAH32013-050816.pdf
15/08/2016RetirementRetirement Fund - Pension- Distribution / improper exercise of discretion - Death benefitPension FundUpheldRFAH62013-150816.pdf
07/11/2017Savings & CreditSavings & Credit - Incorrect interest or fees being chargedSavings & Credit Cooperative SocietyUpheldCCM132016-071117.pdf
04/05/2018RetirementRetirement Fund- Pension- Miscalculation of Benefits- Withdrawal BenefitPension Fund; Fund Administrator; EmployerNot UpheldRFM162017-040518.pdf
05/08/2016RetirementRetirement Fund - Pension - Miscalculation of BenefitsPension Fund; EmployerUpheldRFAH372012-050816.pdf
09/04/2018InsuranceInsurance- Short term- Motor Personal- Claim declined (policy terms not recognized or met) - Non-payment of premiumsInsurance Broker; Insurance Company; Financier BankNot UpheldINSH62017-0904181.pdf
 Date Type Description Respondent Outcome Determination